News from Pottery Camp Calendar of Events Field Trips to Go Customer Appreciation We Have Tree Bulbs Homeschool Events
News from Pottery Camp Calendar of Events Field Trips to Go Customer Appreciation We Have Tree Bulbs Homeschool Event
We want to know what you think about your experience in our studio and we welcome your comments and suggestions! Ours is a studio where we all know who pays our salary...our WONDERFUL CUSTOMERS! Thank you for making our studio so very successful!

Please contact any of us via phone at (919) 550-FUN1 (3861) or email at
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Our History

Meet our Staff!

Sherry has been painting ceramics with her Mom, since she was a teenager. Before paint-your-own-pottery studios became popular, we cleaned greenware pieces, had them fired and then returned to paint in a friends garage out back. Times have definitely changed, but still enjoy spending time painting with daughters, Vitallia and Kasey, while creating special pieces. Vitallia, my oldest daughter, is in the US Army stationed in Newport News, Virginia, but currently deployed to Kuwait. When she does visit, she always makes a point to stop in.

Kasey grew up painting ceramics with friends and always selected that as her birthday party location since elementary school. Now, at 22 and with a daughter of her own, she is here at the studio full-time during the day. While Charley was here early on, she now spends her days playing full-time with Miss Michelle and Courtney, but still visits on occasion.

Elizabeth, a graduate of NC State, has been with the studio since 2013. She is a 3rd grade teacher during the week, but you can find her here mainly on the weekends.

Liz is a student at Garner and started in September. She has experience with clay and hand-building, and runs many of the birthday parties for Pottery Camp.

Darlene is new to the studio and handles all of the visits to the senior centers. You may also see her in the studio during the week.

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Thank you to TC and her family for setting up a wonderful studio in Clayton for almost eight great years. She has been a wonderful teacher and mentor during in this transition. Our hope is to continue to provide you with an outlet for your inner artist, while spending time creating memories with family and friends.